A PoochieBells Wacky Wednesday – Happy April 1st!


Meet Aiden, the super cute 8-year old grandson of one of our Poochie-Pets team members. I wanted to share this picture with our Poochie family as it truly makes me smile each time I take a peek. The happiness and purity radiated by this wonderful boy getting ready for his Wacky Wednesday celebration at 2nd grade class brings back so many memories of raising my two now grown children. Further looking at the picture, I love that PoochieBells casually hang in the background, ready and waiting to jingle when that door opens and Aiden bounds out the door on his way to school.  Of course they are there for the family pooch, Roxy, to communicate his potty needs. However, this picture reveals that PoochieBells becomes a part of the fabric of a family- whether or not the pooch wants to go out!

We love being in homes, right there next to life’s everyday wackiness 🙂  Thank you to Rhonda for allowing us to share this wonderful picture.

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