Congratulations to Our Newest PoochieStar, Gunner!

Meet Gunner! The November 2015 PoochieBells Star

We met Gunner’s mom, Cyndi, over Instagram, and you can see why he was the perfect pooch to serve as our November PoochieStar! She shared a bit about him with us: Meet Gunner, our loving and lazy French Bulldog. Gunner was born June 7, 2014, and from the first time we saw him when he […]

Dogs and Halloween: Tips for Calming Your Pooch During Trick-or-Treating

Dogs and Halloween | Poochie-Pets

It’s about to be a spook-filled night of darling, clever, cute and scary costume-clad kids ringing your doorbell. While some pooches seem to handle the costume party well (such as this trio of tutu-ed pugs), not all pets will stay calm during Halloween activities. After all, it is only once a year that complete strangers […]

Announcing Poochie-Pets Saving Spot Recipient: Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue

Saving Spot SoAZBR | Poochie-Pets

We are excited to announce our latest Saving Spot organization, the Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue (SoAZBR). This non-profit, all-volunteer group has been around since 2005, and rescues, fosters, and rehomes Beagles and Beagle mixes. They perform many services for much of southern Arizona, including training and educational programs. SoAZBR does not have a shelter facility […]

Save Big with A Tricky Treat for Halloween!

Halloween with our dogs can be such great fun. We hope the weather wherever you are has been as generous as it has been here in Connecticut! Leaf piles, goofy costumes, and pumpkin treats of ALL KINDS abound. We have a Tricky Treat for you too! A brainteaser as a little excuse to save BIG: […]

Dogs in the City: Tips on Having a Happy City Dog

When we envision a happy dog, our minds often picture a large pooch running through a field, tongue out and eyes bright. However, many happy pooches live in cities too, where there are few opportunities to commune with nature. We asked Kathy Palmer, owner of one of our retail partners, The Fish & Bone, located […]

Dogs in Winter: Tips for Freezing Weather

Dogs in Winter | Poochie-Pets

Like us humans tend to complain, winter may not be your pup’s best season. Temperatures affect all of us, and despite having a nice coat of fur, dogs are no more resistant to the cold than we are in our down-feather coats, ski-jackets, windbreakers and woolen socks. Though we wear multiple layers we still get […]

Meet Our Team: Donna, Dependable Delivery Gal

Meet our Team | Poochie-Pets

We see Donna every day at Poochie-Pets headquarters. She delivers our supplies in the morning and picks up our shipments in the afternoon. Donna has been our UPS® delivery person since Poochie-Pets was just a small, out-of-home operation. Donna remembers well how she found herself becoming one of the Poochie-Pets team. “I would be delivering […]