Dealing with Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies | Poochie-Pets

Your pooch may think he is invincible—eating anything within reach and getting into everything possible—but dogs happen to have allergies too! Dr. Christopher Brunner, a veterinarian at New Fairfield Animal Hospital, shared with us his advice about diagnosing and managing dog allergies. “The first sign your dog has allergies is if he or she suffers […]

Eye-to-Eye: Behind Your Dog’s Adoring Looks

Human-Dog Communication | Poochie-Pets

To dog-lovers, this will be no surprise, but according to a recent study conducted at Japan’s Azabu University (highlighted here in the Wall Street Journal) we enjoy a special connection with our dogs when we make eye contact. Just as humans bond, or show affection by looking into each other’s eyes, dogs and their humans […]

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month | Poochie-Pets

Spread the word, it’s ASPCA’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month! Shelters are near and dear to us. They are animal lifesavers, providing for thousands of pets every year and finding them homes. Their numerous services often include medical treatments, educating new pet parents, training and rehabilitation. We’ve sponsored these shelters in the past through our Saving Spot donation […]

Announcing Poochie-Pets Saving Spot Recipient: Help! Search and Rescue Dog Team

Saving Spot Recipient HELPSAR | Poochie-Pets

We are excited to announce our latest Saving Spot Organization Help! Search and Rescue Dog Team (HELPSAR). This all-volunteer, nonprofit group is a search and rescue team composed of dogs and their handlers. They are called on to search for lost and missing children, elderly, hikers, swimmers, hunters and others. Based in Slidell, Louisiana, HELPSAR also […]

First Day of Fall Musings: Our Little Ode to Autumn

First Day of Fall Musings | Poochie-Pets

Today fall begins. To many of us, even some of our pooches, that means sweater-weather and a doleful goodbye to sunny summer. While the cold can be not as fun, fall brings quite the stunning transformation—flaming colors, brisk days perfect for hiking, new smells, the anticipation of end-of-the-year holidays. You may have noticed the rising […]

Meet Our Team: Shawn, Poochie-Pets Director of Sales and Resident People-Person

Our Shawn is a native Californian who got her degree from Fullerton in criminal justice. As a West Coast girl at heart, she came a long way to Connecticut, but she has been here for 22 years now, so she’s pretty well acclimated! Shawn is Poochie-Pets’ people person. She met Cheryl, our president and owner, […]