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Our 12th Anniversary Poochie Love Story

Your dog makes you a better person™ and this month we recognize LOVE. It is a theme that is fitting for both Valentine’s Day and our 12th year anniversary here at Poochie-Pets, which was founded on this day in 2005. 12 years ago what started out as a need to communicate with my family dog began its evolution into a […]

A Happier You and a Happier Dog, too!

Five Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Happier Rotate Toy Selection – We all love new stuff, keep it interesting for your dog by rotating their toy selection. Keep Your Dog’s Diet Consistent – Keep your dog on a consistent diet of their dog food. Keeping consistent creates a calm digestive process. Walk […]

Let’s Make Super-Easy, Poochie Punk-Oat-Nutter Treats!

No Bake Dog Treats Share a little time and love with your furry best friend with these super-easy, pumpkin base treats for your pooch. Our team of in-house testers gobbled these up. No baking involved and your pooch will think you’re a rock star! Ingredients: 1/2 cup Peanut Butter (choose a low sodium/low sugar variety) 1 […]

Experience the PoochieLife: Love & Be Loved

Experience the PoochieLife_LoveandbeLoved_2_25_16

Loving on their humans is part of our pooches’ daily routine. They always seem to be ready to give kisses, paws, noses and snuggles ― their enthusiasm knows no bounds! The affection we share with our dogs is more than just sweet gestures. Petting our pooches and showing love is an important way of communicating that we care. Below […]