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Ringing in a New Line of Durable PoochieBells®

Poochie-Pets Rings In a New Line of Durable PoochieBells® – USA-made components ensure a safe environment for pooch and family. –   May 25, 2017 – Simsbury, CT – With an emphasis on providing quality materials that stand up to even the most rambunctious pup, Poochie-Pets has unleashed a new line of premium-quality PoochieBells®. The USA-made, durable, woven […]

New! Whimsical Countertop Poop Bags Dispenser

Attention All Dog Owners…It’s Our Duty to Pick Up the Doodie -Poop bag canister cleverly reminds us to keep our world a little bit cleaner. – March 8, 2017 – Simsbury, CT – The next time nature calls your four-legged family member, don’t go out empty handed; be prepared and grab an eco-friendly poop bag […]

Snuggle Buddy Blanket for the Holidays

You’ll Always Be Just a Sniff Away with Snuggle Buddy Blanket Under Your Pooch -Provide comfort and security to your furry friend.­–                      October 31, 2016 – Simsbury, CT – You will never be replaced in your dog’s eyes, but Poochie­-Pets has created the next best thing. Quality­ crafted in the USA and shaped as a girl […]

Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Wholesale Website

Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Wholesale Website -Makers of PoochieBells® provide an easy, safe, online ordering venue for its wholesale customers.-                     September 28, 2016 – Simsbury, CT – Poochie-Pets’ new wholesale-specific website is up, running and available at Designed for ease of ordering, Poochie-Pets’ wholesale website is also a resource center with the latest product information […]

Newly Improved 3Sixty Fun Pet Tieout

Newly Improved 3Sixty Fun Pet Tieout – Re-released and Reduced Lightweight, compact, carrying a price point 25% less than its predecessor.- July 19, 2015 Simsbury, CT – Poochie-Pets is pleased to announce that their 3Sixty Fun pet tie-out is back on the shelf at a lower cost than when it was first introduced two years ago. With product […]

Pet Age Announces Cheryl Pedersen as a Woman of Influence

Pet Age Announces Cheryl Pedersen as a Woman of Influence – Program honors outstanding female leaders in the pet industry.- May 25, 2016 – Simsbury, CT – Poochie-Pets’ founder, Cheryl Pedersen, has been recognized as one of Pet Age’s 2016 Women of Influence in the Pet Industry. The business-to-business publication’s second annual award is based […]

You and Your Furry Companion Will Love This Buddy

You and Your Furry Companion Will Love This Buddy -A mini you when you aren’t able to be with your pooch- April 20, 2016 – Simsbury, CT – With the belief that our dogs motivate us to be affectionate and caring people, Poochie-Pets has introduced the Snuggle Buddy Blanket to offer comfort when we can’t […]

Saving Spot Donation Program Receives New Leash on Life

Saving Spot Press Release

-New dog leads given to nonprofit organizations dedicated to saving dogs.- May 14, 2014 – Simsbury, CT – Since its inception in 2012, U.S.-based, non-profit organizations committed to saving dogs have benefited from Poochie-Pets’ community-minded Saving Spot donation program. Originally designed as a buy-one give-one program, new dog collars were donated to participants based on […]

Designated Sponges Offer a Safe Solution to Washing Raw Pet Food Bowls

-Distinguishable bone-shaped sponges eliminate clean-up confusion.- May 15, 2015 – Simsbury, CT – With the growing popularity of raw pet food diets, Poochie-Pets’ easy-to-identify bone-shaped dog bowl sponge eliminates clean-up mix-up. Designating a separate sponge to clean the pet’s food bowl will also help to prevent cross-contamination. Sponges are sold compressed three to a packet […]

PoochieBells® Rings in Ten Year Anniversary

PoochieBells® Rings in Ten Year Anniversary -Valentine’s Day marks milestone for housetraining dog doorbell.-   January 12, 2015 – Simsbury, CT –  What began ten years ago as a solution to stop her puppy’s accidents, PoochieBells® designer, Cheryl Pedersen, started a dog doorbell company by introducing her creation to the marketplace. Eventually, PoochieBells would pave the […]

Pet Peeve Solutions Provide on-the-Road Convenience

Relax and enjoy the great outdoors while traveling with the pooch. September 25, 2014 – Simsbury, CT – Does your four-legged family member hit the road too wherever your travels take you? Whether your home is motoring or motionless, Poochie-Pets has a product to help make the journey with Fido stress-free. “Designed as functional products […]