Celebrating 10yrs of PoochieBells at Global Pet Expo 2015

PoochieBells Global Pet Expo

Each year Poochie-Pets attends the Global Pet Expo in Orlando FL, placing our best foot forward in bringing our products to market for spring and summer. Now, I will take a moment to admit that traveling to Orlando in the middle of the New England winter isn’t so bad. However, there is a lot of preparation that goes into creating a presence at the show that reflects the quality and general fabulousness of our products! Once we get there and the both is set up, it is time to enjoy seeing our family of co-vendors and retailers – all sharing the same excitement of working in an industry that serves pet lovers.

We were especially proud of this year’s booth where we highlighted our 10yr Anniversary logo, which in typical Poochie-Pets style, is a bit whimsical in nature.  Many of our retailers came to our booth wearing their special edition PoochieBells 10yr Anniversary t-shirt, and then proudly stood on the floor logo to be photographed! We are so fortunate to have such dedicated and supportive partners.

In the end, the success of Poochie-Pets comes down to you, our customers. It is your love for your dogs that keeps our company growing, and our retailers thriving. We look forward to another ten years of “Letting the Pooch Out in Style” with PoochieBells, and to offering you more high-quality, fun products celebrating the relationship between you and your pooch.

PoochieBells Global Pet Expo

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