Dog Care Essentials: What Every Pooch Needs to be Happy and Healthy

Dog Care Essentials

Our dogs bring so much joy to us and our families; they bask in any affection we give them, and are excited just to see us walk in the door. For the many lucky people who grew up with dogs, taking care of one can seem as easy as taking care of ourselves. But not all of us got to have a four-legged best friend in youth, and the task does not come as naturally. Sometimes the essentials of what dogs truly need can get lost in all the available options in the dog care world. But most of the things your dog needs doesn’t come from a store, but from you! Here are what we consider to be the most basic dog care essentials:

Veterinary Care and Wellness

Dogs need vaccines, shots, and regular checkups just like us to keep them healthy and able to fend off disease and injuries. Spaying and neutering is especially important, not only so they live a long and healthy life, but to help ensure there is a happy home for every pooch. And, don’t forget routine home care like trimming your dog’s claws, haircuts and baths!


The great thing about exercising your dog is that it usually requires you to get out and exercise too! Dogs have a lot of energy they need to expend, and bumming around inside the house just won’t do it for them. Walking and playing with your dog two to three times a day will help them stay occupied and even bond more with you!

A Good Diet

Unless you grew up with a dog, you may need to do a little research on what constitutes a healthy dog diet. Not all dog food is equal, and unfortunately mass commercial dog food has a bad reputation for being limited in wholesome ingredients. Talk with your vet to determine how much you need to feed your dog and what brands are best. You may also want to explore the organic or homemade route with your dog’s diet.


Training is really teaching your dog how to communicate with you; dogs don’t start out speaking human! With humane and positive training, you and your dog can develop a better relationship and understanding, making both your lives easier.


We try to never let it happen, but dogs do get loose, and then lost! Licensing your dog, equipping him or her with a collar I.D. and even a microchip, is the best way to ensure that you can find your lost dog again.

Love and Companionship!

No dog or human can miss out on this essential. Spend time with your pooch and let him or her know they are important to you and you love them. Pet and talk to your dog every day.

What are some of the ways you care for your dog every day?

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