LIDY: Dog Products That Help You Celebrate You and Your Pooch

Rest Easy | Dog stretched out on the lawn

The summer heat is here! Remember to hydrate you and your pooch; 8 glasses for you, and as many bowls as needed for your pooch, keep cool and of course, rest easy. One of our beloved Poochie-Pets pooches, Haysea, shows us how he can rest easy just about anywhere!

Haysea, the dog, showing us how to rest easy | Live In Dog Years™ dog products

Our Live in Dog Years™ dog products collection is designed to help you celebrate the relationship between you and your pooch. They are products that make your life a little easier in a fun, pooch-loving way. Check out our cork coasters, stone car coasters, air fresheners, doggie breath mints, luggage tags & microfiber cleaning cloths…all fun reminders of the day to day, simple, dog messages that intertwine with our lives.

Photo of Haysea Parisi

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