Dog Routines: Gibby’s End-of-the-Day Barking Spree

Dog Routines | Poochie-Pets' Gibby

Many pooch parents will testify to the unchanging nature of dog routines. Once a pooch starts to do something at the same time every day, you can count on it happening almost as regularly as the sun rising and setting. The team at Poochie-Pets is privy to one pooch’s routine that goes along with their own—knowing when the work day has ended.

Every day here at Poochie-Pets, production stops at 3 p.m. But the entire office, whether you are part of production team or not, knows when it is quitting time without looking at our clocks. Every day our compressor lets the air out of the rivet machine we use to create PoochieBells, right around 3 p.m. And our resident pug Gibby ALWAYS runs through our manufacturing facility right past everyone and barks at the steam. It has become part of his every day routine…and ours too.

What routine does your pooch perform faithfully each day? Share with us below!


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