Dogs Bring Families Together: A PoochieLife Story

PoochieLife family dog
PoochieLife Reason #179:
“Having a dog has helped me have a better connection with my kids. We play with her together as a family.”

Have you ever noticed how a dog can quickly become the center of attention and provide common ground between family members? Sandy from the PoochieLife community shared a story about her wonderful family pooch who provides another way for her and her sons to bond with each other.

“Our ten-year-old long-haired Dachshund is named Taffy, like the salt water candy. She was my parents’ dog, the third Taffy in my life—since I was a kid, they have kept getting the same breed, one after another, and named them all Taffy. When my mother couldn’t take care of a dog anymore, I adopted her. My sons have always wanted a dog, but I have allergies to some kinds of breeds, specifically the kind they wanted (a German shepherd). However, as we have discovered, a small dog can be just as fun and loving as a big one.

My boys love Taffy. Whenever they interact with her, they get these big grins on their faces. My boys are growing up fast (they are 18 and 21) and Taffy has become a connecting point between my sons and I. We can play with her and take care of her together; she gives us something to talk about and laugh about as a family. We all love spending time with her, and are entertained daily by her doggy ways and personality.

Taffy is as sweet as her name, and very much a house dog and homebody. She’s stubborn too; when she doesn’t want to move, she’s not going to move. She much prefers people-company over other dogs (making her a terrible watch dog), loves to gives kisses, and really just fits perfectly into our home and lifestyle.”

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