Dogs In The Office! Tips On Bringing Your Dog To Work

Get to Work, Pooches!

Whether you bring your dog to the office every day or just once a year, the presence of your pooch can make a normal workday wonderful. Instead of leaving your dog home alone, s/he gets to spend time with you – and vice versa! Here are a few tips to make your workplace dog-friendly:

• Give a Heads-Up: Even if your work has a special day dedicated to bringing your dog, always tell your coworkers beforehand. Learn if they have any allergies or fears concerning dogs. Your courtesy and communication will help keep the peace between you, your pooch, and your work neighbors.

• Dog-Proof Your Work Area: Dogs can be very curious and energetic; any stray office supplies or discarded food in nearby trashcans are tempting diversions. Put away in drawers anything you think your dog can possibly get ahold of. Take a dog’s-eye-view from the floor and look around for loose, hanging wires. Tape them up, to walls or the underside of desks to keep them out of the way of tails and teeth.

• Make the Office Home: Space may be limited, but lay down a blanket or pillow so your dog can be comfortable. Depending on where you work, and if you have meetings throughout the day, you may want to construct a makeshift pen or keep your dog on a leash at all times. You don’t want to lose your pooch at work! A baby-gate comes in handy if you work in a cubicle. Food, treats, bowls and toys are essentials—your pooch will probably find people-work a bit boring! Is your dog already potty trained with PoochieBells®? Allowing your dog to communicate that they need a break by ringing their bells can easily make a day at the office worry-free too, so bring a set along! Take breaks to walk, play and interact with your dog throughout the day—spending time with your dog is the point of bringing him or her along, so take advantage of this perk!

For more great tips on bringing your dog to work, visit the sites below.

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