Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue: Founder Liz Fink Shares Her Story

Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue | Poochie-Pets

At Poochie-Pets, we have the privilege of meeting and supporting many great rescue organizations. Recently we ran across Liz Fink, who runs a Great Dane organization in Indiana. Liz and a friend were working at a different rescue when they decided to start their own. Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue took in their first dog and donation in February 2010. Since their humble beginnings, they have rescued between 300 and 500 Great Danes. Forever Friends is run entirely by volunteers, fostering dogs in private homes. The group is active in four states: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“I’ve always loved dogs,” Liz told us. “I come from a family that loves animals. My first Great Dane was one my husband and I rescued. Ever since, we’ve been interested in saving this breed. We ordered PoochieBells for our Danes—these gentle giants grow quickly, and we need to start training them from day one!”

Visit Forever Friends on their website or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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