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Frosty the Therapy Dog | Poochie-Pets

One of our partners, Sue Okie the owner of Horses and Hounds pet store in Granby, CT, shared a wonderful story with us!

“My son was injured falling out of a tree this year in May right before his college summer break began. The fall did major damage to his spinal cord and he is now quadriplegic. This summer we moved Jared to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, a rehabilitation hospital for spinal cord and brain injuries. One of the nurses there, Rebecca, has a therapy dog named Frosty. She takes Frosty around to patients and their families, giving comfort and company. I happened to see a Poochie-Pets collar on Frosty and we started talking. Rebecca told me the patients get excited about seeing different collars on Frosty every day, and though she loves the Poochie-Pets collars too, she could not buy as many as she wanted. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘I’m pretty sure I can get you some.’ I called Cheryl at Poochie-Pets and they sent Rebecca seven new collars.”

Read more about Jared’s story on their blog. It is their totally honest, inspiring account about rising to the challenge life gave them. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to share their story, and to contribute to Frosty’s good work.

About Sue’s Store

Horses and Hounds” carries everything you need for any pet, including food and supplies for dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats and chickens. Sue has been a friend for so long we can’t remember how we met!

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