PoochieBells® Star: Koda!

PoochieBells Star: Koda

Meet New PoochieBells® Star “Koda”

Congratulations Koda & Family, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets

Hi! My name is Koda and I’m a 5 month old Smilin’ Sammy (Samoyed). When my humans first brought me home, I didn’t know how to tell them that I needed to go outside. They wanted me to go down to the front door and bark like my big sister, but I liked it so much down by the front door that I went down there all the time to nap. Every time I went down to take a nap my humans got confused and tried to make me go potty!

Since my humans couldn’t tell the difference between when I wanted to nap and when I needed to go potty, I ended up piddling on the rug by the front door. A lot. My mommy really didn’t like the smell, so my daddy did some research and decided to get me some bells to ring to go outside. First he tried to look at the hardware store, but all they had were cow bells and my mommy said no. That’s when they found the Poochie-Bells website!

Because my humans were getting so unhappy with cleaning up my messes, they clicked on the link to find a local dealer so they could pick up my bells right away! When we got home, I was really curious about the pretty new bells by the door. My daddy jingled the bells and took me outside to go potty a few times, so I decided to try it myself and see what happened. The next thing I know, my daddy was right there and let me outside! I thought “This is awesome!” It took me less than 3 hours to figure out that when I needed to go outside, I could just ring the bells and I would get to go potty in the nice fluffy snow instead of on the carpet!

My humans bring the bells with whenever we go visit our friends so that I don’t piddle in their houses. They even bring the bells upstairs when they let me sleep with them, so that I can wake them up if I have to go! Now my humans are happy with me and our house smells nice again!

(a.k.a. Koda-Bear or Batty Koda)


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