Live In Dog Years: Sleep Snugly

Live In Dog Years™ Sleep Snugly

Living in New England the seasons bring me a welcome change in the weather. With the the cooler temperatures beginning to creep in at this time of year, Gibby (owner of the curly tail and cute face shown here) tends to snuggle up even more closely at night. He uses his many beds more often, appreciating the warmth they offer versus the cold floor Sleep Snugly(to which is situated particularly close). Evening routines begin a little earlier as the days get shorter, meaning the “Mom, I’m tired” stares can get a bit wearing. Mornings come too fast (when do they not), and the warmth of the bed and the chunky little body next to me make it difficult to get out of bed. Again this am, I was the last one into the office, having overslept. You can bet I was dreaming of making PoochieBells…

In the spirit of our Live in Dog Years product line, remember to Sleep Snugly. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of much needed downtime, snuggling up with your pooch and getting your zzzzz’s.

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