Live In Dog Years: Travel Safely

As all of my family and friends know, I am absolutely nuts about my Pug, Gibby, pictured here peeking out of his travel bag. I find such joy daily in his bug eyed expressions, quirks and unexpected personality traits, exaggerating my love for this little guy every moment. I recognize that I’m a bit “over the top” about my lifestyle with him at times. However, I have found that I am not alone in this reaction.

During a recent trip with Gibb-A-Rooni on Southwest Airlines, we spent some time at the gate waiting for our flight.  I unzipped the top of his travel carrier to give him a better view of the surroundings and a few Cheerios, and he was immediately spotted by what seemed to be every child in the airport.  Soon a group of small children in varying sizes (and their accompanying parents), crowded around Gibby. They were excited to see him! There were no more tears from the bored little boy throwing his sippy cup every three minutes and no more yelling siblings – just total delight in Gibby.

Now I of course can understand the immediate attraction to this furry beauty, besotted as I am. But what I enjoyed most was the immediate unity that came to this group of strangers. Gibby and his new circle of friends created a slice of time in which they enjoyed the moment, relaxed a bit, released their worry about what’s next, and just played. No cell phones, texts, computers, arguments to rebook flights, weather stress, lost boarding passes, frightened flyers, etc. The group just reveled in the unexpected joy of finding a furry fellow traveler. Needless to say, Gibby loved the attention.

As we later flew to our destination, we left the plane and terminal with many goodbyes, waves, pictures & kisses for Gibby between him and his new friends. What a great memory for both me and the Gibster, and hopefully for our travel companions.

Our Live in Dog Years message this week is Travel Safely, friends.  Be kind to each other this holiday season. Smile and be patient with your fellow travelers. Seek out and enjoy the unexpected treasures on your journey.

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