Live In Dog Years: Louis Finds Bliss

When was the last time you turned your cell off, unplugged from the everyday activities, looked around and recognized the moment? We all know its important for our everyday sanity, health & well being to not get caught up in the continuously hectic lives we all lead.  We need to stop for a moment and recognize the now, look around and breathe deeply, and find a peaceful slice of time each day. Perhaps the thought of discovering that daily spot of zen is the hardest part? I’ve read the Power of Now, countless self-help books, blogs, Facebook posts, Snapple lid covers, Anthony Robbins books – you name it. They all assure me that moment is out there and reachable on a daily if not almost daily basis. Yet I struggle to find it more often than not.

After taking Louis the fab Boxer out this weekend, I observed something quite obvious that I had somehow lost sight of over the last few days, weeks, months.  Within nano-seconds of arriving, Louis had no reservations about bounding into the Farmington River to retrieve a huge stick floating in the rapids. He experienced repeated moments of bliss with this stick, proudly showing it to me, bouncing it into the water again and again. No worries of who’s watching, how deep or cold the water was, what that slimy stick tasted like, or how wet he would be for the car ride home. Over and over again he inhaled the summer air deeply into his lungs, called on his body to perform in his Olympic chase and focused on the moment.  Without a doubt, he had found his moment of happiness without having to clear his schedule, check his cell, manage his family, etc.  The funny thing is, I experienced a moment of bliss too. As I watched his utter joy, I found myself grateful for him, the moment, the day, the whole thing. WOW.

Live In Dog Years Lesson of the Day

Our moment of bliss is always with us. In fact we carry it around much like that stick. We just need to recognize it, hold it, and be grateful for the opportunity to have it. It may not present itself as a beautiful day, or even as a quiet moment. However, it will always be there when we are ready to see and experience it.

How about you take a page from Louis’ book and take a moment for yourself today? Just a small slice of time. Throw yourself into it, feel it with all your senses and breathe it in.  Perhaps you will find the taste of stick as pleasing as Louis did.

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