Live in Dog Years: Inside an “Outside the Box” Moment

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Inside an “Outside the Box” Moment

Our family dog Wilson (aka “Fish Sticks” due to his reoccurring, uncanny fish-like smell we call Eau De Wilson), offered up a Live in Dog Years moment recently. As I looked in my rear view mirror a few weeks ago on my way to Poochie-Bells, I found handsome Willy sitting quietly in the postal box on my back seat. Little did this wise old little fishy soul know that he was reminding me of the value of thinking “outside the box”.

So often in our everyday life we move forward just accepting of the ideas and standards that have become our world.  Perhaps we find it safe and comfortable to live within the boundaries and norms presented by our typical daily routines. Or, we just do not take the time to consider the alternatives. Either way, in this moment in my car, Wilson was naturally pushing the norm. To him, the postal box was nothing more than an item deliberately placed for his comfort.  He created his own standard even though he had traveled in my backseat many times before without the company of the plastic box. He had seen these boxes many times before of course, at home and at the office. That day however, he chose to evaluate that box in a whole new way. Funny how thinking outside the box had him straight into the box!! I appreciated Wilson’s subtle reminder that pushing boundaries can also offer comfort. No matter if the ideas are big or small, we share this ability with our furry best friends to create our own new standards through trial & error and to expand our experiences.

Have you had an “Outside the Box” moment with your pooch?  If so, tell us about it!


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