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Dogs playing tug-o-war | Play Nicely | Live InDog Years™

My recent routine visit to the dog park with my pack of dogs highlighted the innate way our domesticated friends play nicely.  After our most exciting welcome to the group, each of my three dogs all varying in size and personality, played splendidly with their friends. Watching the varying degrees of “niceness” between the pooches reminded me that we humans sometimes forget how to treat each other well. My take aways were…

2 Dogs playing tug-o-war

5 Tips To Help Us Play Nicely

  1. Let it go. Pooches don’t hold grudges. Minutes after being chastised, our fur friends are ready to lick our faces and keep playing!
  2. Shift your focus. There’s always another toy hiding under the couch! Sniff out the next fun thing to share with your friends or colleagues. Even a well-chewed fave makes a great excuse to relive good times, and may be just what you need to play nice and move forward.
  3. Tell it like it is. Before things get worse. Pooches playing tug-o-war may squeal, growl or bark at each other if the game is getting too rough. Little signals before things escalate in a negative direction keep everyone in check.
  4. Stand up for yourself. It’s ok to be mad, not mean.
  5. Let the praises flow. We praise our pooches when they’re downright wonderful… why not our friends and colleagues? Everyone loves a bit of sincere praise now and again.
  6. Explore new interests together. I don’t know about your fur friends, but mine hold no prejudices when it comes to toy time with buds. New toys, old toys, weird noisy things they found in the recycle bin… you get the picture.

Again and again I am reminded how to be a better person through my pooches. How do your furry friends help you remember to play nicely?


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