Live in Dog Years: Swim With Sharks

Live in Dog Years™ Swim With Sharks

Live In Dog Years Moment

Swim with Sharks: Our Live in Dog Years message for this week, in honor of Discovery Channel’s Annual Shark Week now in progress.

My first thought about this theme was “YIKES! Sharks! Not a very positive message to be putting out there.”  However, after a few cups of morning java, I decided I actually really liked this idea. Aren’t we all just like sharks sometimes?  At times misunderstood, aggressive in a sea of competition for success, trying to live our lives one day at a time, occasionally taking a migratory travel to the warm coast, looking forward to the next meal, and every so often accidentally eating the wrong thing?  I know I do most of those things quite often! 🙂

Considering this comparison made me wonder what Discovery Channel’s Annual Human Week would look like. Just as dramatic, scary, terrifying and exciting? What do you think?




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