Meet Our PoochieBells® Star: Beau

Meet Beau, Our PoochieBells® Star!

“We adopted Beau, our Long Hair Chihuahua, when he was 4 ½ months old. He had no training that we could see. His “big sister” Bella, a Maltese, was 3 and fully house-trained. We learned of PoochieBells® and purchased a set. When Beau first nosed them, we responded immediately and took him outside. It only took once!  He now uses his PoochieBells® whenever he needs to go out, including just before 7 a.m. every day. We are retired and have the privilege of sleeping in these days, except for the favor of the PoochieBells!  

We are training Bella to use the bells too.  However she has decided that since Beau can do it for her, why bother?  Now if we can only figure a way to change Beau’s internal alarm clock, we will have real retirement!  Beau and Bella are a joy to us as well as are our two rescue cats, Mokka and Toffi, who are brothers.  Bella, Beau, Mokka and Toffi are great friends and love to chase each other and play with each other’s toys.  We love all four of our babies!  We also love our PoochieBells® and have purchased several other sets of them for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and we have recommended them to our friends and family. What a great product and a great company!”

Perry Walinski


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