Meet our PoochieBells® Star for July, Barkley!

PoochieBells Star of July | Poochie-Pets

“We adopted Barkley, who is part beagle and part German Shepherd, from a couple in a nearby town. Barkley was 1 of 13 pups. He was born January 23, 2013; we throw him a party every year. When my husband and I went to pick out a pup, I saw Barkley and knew he was the one. He was so quiet, and when I picked him up, he put his front legs over my arms. Later that evening we had popcorn, and to this day he LOVES popcorn!

PoochieBells Star | Barkley

We live on a farm, and Barkley has all the deer, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, moles and mice he could ever chase. Once he caught a beaver in our creek and wanted to bring it into the house. He has managed to bring in a turtle, which he protected like it was his pet! His regular playmate is our relatives’ senior dog Cody, whom he loves to chase around the house. While teasing Cody, Barkley will put his head on the ground and do a flip.

Although we don’t have kids, Barkley enjoys playing with our nieces and nephews. He also runs 5ks with us, and participates in pet shows. He loves walking in our woods, riding in the convertible car (he sits in the front seat like a person), riding a four-wheeler, swimming, playing in the snow, and shopping in ‘dog’ stores like PetSmart, Rural King and Lowe’s. Even though he is 110 pounds, he loves to be held!

PoochieBells Star | Barkley

Barkley was about 8 weeks old when we got PoochieBells. Before letting him out to potty we would ring the bells, and he picked it up within two days! His favorite PoochieBells is the solid red, but Barkley also enjoys the seasonal and holiday ones too.  Whenever we tell “dog” people that Barkley rings a bell to go potty, they ask about PoochieBells and how he was trained. PoochieBells has been a lifesaver; we don’t know what we would do without it!

He absolutely loves the collars & leashes too.  He has the solid red, red gingham, tie die, and about all the holiday/seasonal. We receive so many compliments, and he eats up the attention!  We are always asked where we get his collars. We are VERY pleased with the quality and highly recommend these products.”

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