Molly Rings Her PoochieBells

Happy customer pooch image of poodle learning to use her PoochieBells® to go out.

One of the best things about our work is hearing our customers’ success stories. The pride and excitement they feel from their best buddies learning how to communicate with them via PoochieBells is infectious. We are proud too!!! Not all of those stories come from homes with brand new puppies. Many of our customers have spent years looking for a way to allow their pooches to communicate their potty needs and happen upon PoochieBells. Many of these older dogs learn to ring in a matter of days, much to the surprise of their once frustrated humans. I cannot tell you how many calls or emails with a surprised tone we receive, all happy pooch parents wanting to share their story about how quickly and easily their dog learned to ring PoochieBells. If we are lucky, we get a photo too!

One such family in Carmel, IN shared their excitement about Molly, pictured here. What a cutie and of course ever so smart. We love hearing these stories, so keep them coming! We encourage you to let us know how PoochieBells has helped out your pooch. Send us an email, reach out to us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Or, you can always give us a jingle (pun intended).

Thank you to the Baker family for the fun photo of beautiful Molly.

One thought on “Molly Rings Her PoochieBells

  1. Perry Walinski says:

    I have used Poochie Bells with great success since we got our dog, Beau. I just ordered more Poochie Bells from the outlet with the holiday themes. The one for Christmas I had seen some time ago was no longer shown (red top hat) so I called Poochie Bells direct. I spoke to Kent and found out that there was just one left. He enclosed it in my order that I had placed online and sent that one for free!!!! What great customer service!!!! I have, and will continue, to tell people about how great Poochie Bells are and the great customer service the company has. Thanks, from Naples, Florida.

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