A Poochie-Pets Quest for Organizational Bliss

Organization With A Wag! Cartoon Office | Poochie-Pets Dog Bone-Shaped Magnetic Boards

As the beginning of school approaches each year, I promise myself that I will finally unearth my unbelievable organizational skills to manage the family schedule.  So far in my 40+ years, these unbelievable skills have yet to appear – hence the word unbelievable. However, this year, I am hopeful. Over the past few months, I have created a proven track record of actual organization with lists.  I make them, and when I can find them, they work well for me. The next step is to keep them visible as a reminder each day. How will I move to owning believable organizational skills? A daily memo board.

Magnets Frenzy at the Poochie-Pets Fridge! The vision: My daily memo board will be visible from all angles in my kitchen, my favorite and most frequented room in my house.  A fun bone shaped magnetic memo board (dog themed of course) and coordinating set of magnets will adorn my wall, holding my highly detailed lists of to-do’s. Upcoming appointments, recipes to try, words of the day and coupons will all be attached nicely under my set of “pug” magnets.  Ahhhh isn’t it beautiful, this vision of mastery of the complexities of life?  Hmmm, perhaps I should have a bone shaped memo board for open activities and one for completed or scheduled.  But then what do I do with the recipes and coupons – do they get their own as well?  Ugh..so much to consider – no wonder it has taken me so long!

Fortunately for me, we have lots of our fantastic white enamel bone shaped magnetic memo boards in stock, complete with a coordinated grosgrain hang ribbon and set of magnets to get me started. Our customers with mad organizational skills tell me they are a great way to keep organized. I am looking forward to trying it out for myself.

Care to join me in my quest for organizational bliss? Choose your own Poochie-Pets magnetic memo board, and write us about how you use it. Perhaps I will learn from you!!

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