Must Have Pet Accessories: End Your Sponge Confusion

PoochiePets Sponges for those messy dog bowls

Chicken and liver pieces with extra gravy ooze slightly out of the can as I crank my final twist of the can opener.  With the familiar “pop” of suction released, the concoction flops smoothly into the dog bowl, ready to be served to my not-so-patiently waiting furry best friend. As usual, that final plop splashed a few extra liver bits and gravy onto my counter. What is yummy to my pooch is not so appetizing to me! Clean up from breakfast/lunch/dinner time is not for the faint of heart.

Fortunately for me and my family, we now have a way to make clean up a bit more friendly. Dog food spills, water splashes, and even pooch drool have their very own sponge. Its cute bone shape eliminates any confusion family members may have as to what to use for pooch messes. Kept within easy reach, we have one square sponge for the humans, and one bone sponge for the dogs. Even with teenagers who try not to pay attention to these sorts of nuances, I’ve found that my family can’t help but use the correct tool for the job!

Pet Accessories for the Dog Lover.

We love these sponges so much, we’ve made them a part of the Poochie-Pets line of pet accessories. Each set includes three compressed dog bone shaped sponges in varying colors.  Just add water and they expand to traditional sponge size, ready for your next doggie cleanup needs.

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PoochiePets Sponges for those messy dog bowls

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