PoochieBells® Featured on LolaThePitty.com in Their 7 Puppy Must-Haves

LolathePitty.com Features PoochieBells@ in their 7 Puppy Must -Haves

What more than love do we need when raising a puppy? Lola The Pitty let’s you know in their quick list of must-haves. Thank you LolaThePitty.com for the great feature!

Here at Poochie-Pets using PoochieBells® is a ‘given’ and yet its still exiting to see and hear about other folks getting to know us for the first time. Puppy life is loads of fun, but no matter what age the pooch, the ‘puppy love’ moments of training and developing communication make great stories to share.

What have been your go-to goods with your pooch? Let us know in the comments, and keep the sharing going!  <3

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