PoochieBells Retailers, From Our Home to Yours!

PoochieBells® Expo Display

Ever wonder how our pooch product line reaches your favorite pet retailer, website or catalog?

Poochie-Pets and PoochieBells retailers come in about as many styles as our PoochieBells!  And our products find their way to local and international retailers, website, and catalogs in a variety of ways too. We have a hard-working internal sales team, as well as a family of manufacturer’s reps throughout the US, Canada & overseas. We also have a robust online ordering system for our resellers, and we exhibit at a choice few industry trade shows each year.

Industry trade shows (pictured here) are much more than an excuse to have some fun with our wholesale customers and peers! They offer retailers a way to browse and shop in an environment that showcases the current trends in the pet industry. Our Poochie Team plans year-round to create a mini-retail shop that will be serve our wholesalers while staying within the typical 10 x 20 ft. booth space. It is a challenge we thoroughly enjoy.

One of the best parts of the trade show environment is it offers us as a manufacturer the opportunity to interact face-to-face with our retailers. They provide us with feedback directly from you, our shared clients. They tell us what they are seeing in their places of business, and how we can help them best serve their customers. These conversations are vital to our planning process to provide you with the products, designs and themes that compliment the needs and lifestyle of you and your pooch.

So, next time you visit your retailer and spot our product line, please offer up your feedback! It helps both them and us serve you better. While we all love positive comments, suggestions, and requests, we also appreciate ideas on areas for improvement etc.  We want to know and they do too!

What is your favorite source for PoochieBells and other PoochiePets products? Give them a shout out so we can send them a special thank you!

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