PoochieBells® Star Magnus Dux: His Story & Song

PoochieBells Star: Magnus

The best part about our business is the feedback we receive from our customers. We love to hear their success stories, and enjoy getting to share in their pride in their pooch!  We had to pass along the story Magnus’ human shared with us, and not just because he is so darn cute. His human created a new PoochieBells jingle for us!

The Magnus Dux Story:

“Although Magnus Dux is a now a proud and responsible user of the fabulous Poochie Bell system, for the first six months they were just hanging on the door unused.  PoochieBells was a purchase that came highly recommended by the pet store and other dog owners. Intelligent dog advisors told me this was the new way to train these days but after months of trying, I was starting to think my dog was not going to get it. Magnus looked at them as he peed everywhere except outside, almost in protest.  I rang the PBells every time the door opened or closed, I tried to get him to ring them using treats, I did everything and he ignored them.  My boyfriend rang the PBells and that got ME running to the door but I was the only one accepting the training system!

Fast forward 6 months.

Dear Dog Diary, My special Magnus abuses the Poochie Bells and has decided to ring the #$%^! outta them all day long.  SUCCESS!  He let’s me know when he wants out but also uses the bells to communicate with me when my attention is elsewhere.  He swats the bells with his nose or his paws and it absolutely gets my attention.

Truly a brilliant training tool but what a surprise to find it works so well as a communication tool, I hope you sell millions!

Great product to write a jingle for…..
Woof Woof Jingle Jingle there’s only one Poochie Bells with a double dingle,
Woof Woof jingle jingle hang’m up and know your Poochie needs to tinkle….”

LOL. We are honored to have inspired song! Do you have a PoochieBells Star story to share? We’d love to hear it.

Want Magnus’ PoochieBells® Style?

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