Saving Spot Donation Program Receives New Leash on Life

Saving Spot Press Release

-New dog leads given to nonprofit organizations dedicated to saving dogs.-

May 14, 2014 – Simsbury, CT – Since its inception in 2012, U.S.-based, non-profit organizations committed to saving dogs have benefited from Poochie-Pets’ community-minded Saving Spot donation program. Originally designed as a buy-one give-one program, new dog collars were donated to participants based on products sold from the company’s Saving Spot line. Upon recognizing that the collars restricted some organizations from participating, i.e. larger breeds and those dogs requiring harness-style collars, the company has updated their program and now donates nylon dog leashes.

In addition to changing the donated collars to leashes, the company has revamped the Saving Spot product line and buy-one give-one ratio. Making it a more accessible program to participate, the company bases the donations on a percentage of each month’s sales from its Saving Spot products. On average, Poochie-Pets has provided over 100 leashes to each of the organizations who have participated since the program’s revision. Products from the Saving Spot line include PoochieBells® housetraining dog doorbells and custom-made dog collars, leashes, and pewter metal hook.

In addition, as the Saving Spot adage “spotting pooches in need” states, the company randomly selects organizations and sends ten leashes, indicating that they have been spotted and thanking them for their work. Any U.S., non-profit organization whose mission is to saving dogs is eligible to participate. To learn more, visit

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Date: May 14, 2015
Media Contact: Dianne Howles
Telephone: 860-408-9003
Fax: 419-821-6363

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