Snuggle Buddy Blanket for the Holidays

You’ll Always Be Just a Sniff Away with Snuggle Buddy Blanket Under Your Pooch

-Provide comfort and security to your furry friend.­                     

October 31, 2016 – Simsbury, CT – You will never be replaced in your dog’s eyes, but Poochie­-Pets has created the next best thing. Quality­ crafted in the USA and shaped as a girl in pink and boy in blue, Snuggle Buddy Blanket is your four­ legged family member’s security blanket and companion all in one. Dogs are naturally comforted by their owner’s scent, which helps to relieve stress and anxiety. By holding Snuggle Buddy close to your body or sleeping with it for a few days, your scent will be absorbed into the fabric and your pooch will always be just a sniff away from their best friend, you.

Sweet, functional and better than an article of clothing from you that might send the wrong message that your garments are theirs; Snuggle Buddy is your dog’s very own blanket. Place inside your dog’s crate or travel carrying case, Snuggle Buddy becomes their cuddly companion while at doggie daycare or the pet sitter. Let’s face it, we’ve all needed a security blanket at some time in our lives; let Snuggle Buddy Blanket be your dog’s.

Snuggle Buddy is made of supple, minky, 100% polyester, machine­ washable fabric and should not be ironed. Makes a great gift for the dog lover, with a newly reduced price just in time for the holiday season. Made in the USA. Measures 16″ x 23″. MSRP: $19.99 www.poochie­

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