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Eye-to-Eye: Behind Your Dog’s Adoring Looks

Human-Dog Communication | Poochie-Pets

To dog-lovers, this will be no surprise, but according to a recent study conducted at Japan’s Azabu University (highlighted here in the Wall Street Journal) we enjoy a special connection with our dogs when we make eye contact. Just as humans bond, or show affection by looking into each other’s eyes, dogs and their humans […]

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training | Poochie-Pets

As with all new lessons, there may be some hiccups along the way in PoochieBells training. Here is some advice on how to handle first-timer stumbling blocks: 1) My dog is afraid/hesitant to ring PoochieBells Though we intended our original classic PoochieBells to be just the right size for any four-legged friend to use, and […]

PoochieBells®, Dog Communication Win – Spotted Around Town

PoochieBells® spotted at Best In Show Pet Spa, dog groomer

Have you ever been out, away from home and been caught by surprise in seeing your own name, or photograph out in the world? Kind of fun and cool, isn’t it! That was the “Ooh, I made that!” moment we had at a local grooming shop this past week. Here at Poochie-Pets central we get […]

PoochieBells® Star Magnus Dux: His Story & Song

PoochieBells Star: Magnus

The best part about our business is the feedback we receive from our customers. We love to hear their success stories, and enjoy getting to share in their pride in their pooch!  We had to pass along the story Magnus’ human shared with us, and not just because he is so darn cute. His human […]

Live in Dog Years: Listen Intently

Poochie-Pets: Listen Intently - Dog Listening to young girl playing guitar

Recently I was standing in an airport store called Listen Up and was greeted by a wall of earphones. The variety was overwhelming: noise canceling (not sure what that actually means…do they play music or are they silent?); giant earpieces that reminded me of my mother listening to Cat Stevens in the 70’s;  tiny flashing […]

PoochieBells, Effective Communication With Your Dog

Dog house training, with PoochieBells® dog doorbell

We believe communication is the key to relationships, that is for most mammals.  Hence the fundamental idea behind our dog housetraining tool, PoochieBells, is not potty training, but rather communication. Our team is asked constantly, “Does This Really Work?”.  Well, YES. The unique element to PoochieBells® and bell training in general is that it is a […]

PoochieBells® Star: Chase!

Meet Our New PoochieBells® Star “Chase” Congratulations Chase & Henry, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets Chase is a rescue dog. He took awhile to use the poochieBells but he learned to use them for the purpose intended.   Is your pet a PoochieBells Star? Tell us about it and your pet could be featured on […]

PoochieBells® Star: Koda!

PoochieBells Star: Koda

Meet New PoochieBells® Star “Koda” Congratulations Koda & Family, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets Hi! My name is Koda and I’m a 5 month old Smilin’ Sammy (Samoyed). When my humans first brought me home, I didn’t know how to tell them that I needed to go outside. They wanted me to go down to […]