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Australian Labradoodles Love PoochieBells!

Labradoodles Love PoochieBells | Poochie-Pets

Many trainers love how easy and effective PoochieBells are in house-training their dogs. Breeder and trainer Kendra Vestal, owner of Noble Vestal in Noblesville, Indiana, trains all of her Australian Labradoodles on PoochieBells. Poochie-Pets interviewed her to get the scoop on her great company, her chosen breed and training techniques. Passion, Love and Doodles Kendra has […]

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training | Poochie-Pets

As with all new lessons, there may be some hiccups along the way in PoochieBells training. Here is some advice on how to handle first-timer stumbling blocks: 1) My dog is afraid/hesitant to ring PoochieBells Though we intended our original classic PoochieBells to be just the right size for any four-legged friend to use, and […]

Molly Rings Her PoochieBells

Happy customer pooch image of poodle learning to use her PoochieBells® to go out.

One of the best things about our work is hearing our customers’ success stories. The pride and excitement they feel from their best buddies learning how to communicate with them via PoochieBells is infectious. We are proud too!!! Not all of those stories come from homes with brand new puppies. Many of our customers have […]

A PoochieBells Wacky Wednesday – Happy April 1st!


Meet Aiden, the super cute 8-year old grandson of one of our Poochie-Pets team members. I wanted to share this picture with our Poochie family as it truly makes me smile each time I take a peek. The happiness and purity radiated by this wonderful boy getting ready for his Wacky Wednesday celebration at 2nd […]

It Takes a Team to Make Our PoochieBells Ring

An inside peek at our awesome team!

While wrapping up one of our daily wholesale shipments last week, I became even more aware of the number of hands it takes to get our products out the door and to our family of retailers. Our favorite UPS guy Brian (pictured above) greeting Gibby twice daily is only one step in the process. Here is […]

PoochieBells Retailers, From Our Home to Yours!

PoochieBells® Expo Display

Ever wonder how our pooch product line reaches your favorite pet retailer, website or catalog? Poochie-Pets and PoochieBells retailers come in about as many styles as our PoochieBells!  And our products find their way to local and international retailers, website, and catalogs in a variety of ways too. We have a hard-working internal sales team, […]

PoochieBells® Star: Chase!

Meet Our New PoochieBells® Star “Chase” Congratulations Chase & Henry, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets Chase is a rescue dog. He took awhile to use the poochieBells but he learned to use them for the purpose intended.   Is your pet a PoochieBells Star? Tell us about it and your pet could be featured on […]

PoochieBells® Star: Koda!

PoochieBells Star: Koda

Meet New PoochieBells® Star “Koda” Congratulations Koda & Family, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets Hi! My name is Koda and I’m a 5 month old Smilin’ Sammy (Samoyed). When my humans first brought me home, I didn’t know how to tell them that I needed to go outside. They wanted me to go down to […]