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Molly Rings Her PoochieBells

Happy customer pooch image of poodle learning to use her PoochieBells® to go out.

One of the best things about our work is hearing our customers’ success stories. The pride and excitement they feel from their best buddies learning how to communicate with them via PoochieBells is infectious. We are proud too!!! Not all of those stories come from homes with brand new puppies. Many of our customers have […]

Live in Dog Years | Wait Patiently

Dogs waiting to come in | Live In Dog Years™ Wait Patiently

These three sets of eyes in the cold waiting patiently to be let back into the warmth got me thinking about the virtue of patience. With the New Year always comes a new set of dreams and ambitions to achieve – right now! The instant communication & access to information world that we live in […]

Live In Dog Years: Play Nicely

Dogs playing tug-o-war | Play Nicely | Live InDog Years™

My recent routine visit to the dog park with my pack of dogs highlighted the innate way our domesticated friends play nicely.  After our most exciting welcome to the group, each of my three dogs all varying in size and personality, played splendidly with their friends. Watching the varying degrees of “niceness” between the pooches reminded […]