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PoochieBells® Featured on LolaThePitty.com in Their 7 Puppy Must-Haves

LolathePitty.com Features PoochieBells@ in their 7 Puppy Must -Haves

What more than love do we need when raising a puppy? Lola The Pitty let’s you know in their quick list of must-haves. Thank you LolaThePitty.com for the great feature! Here at Poochie-Pets using PoochieBells® is a ‘given’ and yet its still exiting to see and hear about other folks getting to know us for […]

Happy New Year!

Poochie-Pets wishes you a Spugtacular New Year!

Happy New Year, from your friends here at Poochie-Pets! We are paw-sitively thrilled to have served you in your poochie-life this past year. We wish you and your furry ones a spug-tacular new year full of health, fun, poochie cuddles and good times. We like to reflect on the good things amidst our excitement for […]

Cherish Your Loved Ones | Live in Dog Years™

Live In Dog Years: Cherish Family and Friends

Our pooches excel at appreciating the love in their lives. The ecstatic welcome we get when we arrive home; the questioning eyes and gentle nudges we get when we are visibly upset; the lift of the head and wag of the tail that happens when we walk into the room – dogs show us all […]