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Dogs and Halloween: Tips for Calming Your Pooch During Trick-or-Treating

Dogs and Halloween | Poochie-Pets

It’s about to be a spook-filled night of darling, clever, cute and scary costume-clad kids ringing your doorbell. While some pooches seem to handle the costume party well (such as this trio of tutu-ed pugs), not all pets will stay calm during Halloween activities. After all, it is only once a year that complete strangers […]

Save Big with A Tricky Treat for Halloween!

Halloween with our dogs can be such great fun. We hope the weather wherever you are has been as generous as it has been here in Connecticut! Leaf piles, goofy costumes, and pumpkin treats of ALL KINDS abound. We have a Tricky Treat for you too! A brainteaser as a little excuse to save BIG: […]