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Love Unconditionally | Live In Dog Years™

Love Unconditionally

Bogey & Sadie shared with us this sweet moment from a recent trip home from Friday night date night. We were touched by how they seem comforted by the soft touch of each other as the car moved them through each bend in the road. They exemplify the idea of Love Unconditionally within our LIDY […]

Cherish Your Loved Ones | Live in Dog Years™

Live In Dog Years: Cherish Family and Friends

Our pooches excel at appreciating the love in their lives. The ecstatic welcome we get when we arrive home; the questioning eyes and gentle nudges we get when we are visibly upset; the lift of the head and wag of the tail that happens when we walk into the room – dogs show us all […]

Live in Dog Years: Swim With Sharks

Live in Dog Years™ Swim With Sharks

Live In Dog Years Moment Swim with Sharks: Our Live in Dog Years message for this week, in honor of Discovery Channel’s Annual Shark Week now in progress. My first thought about this theme was “YIKES! Sharks! Not a very positive message to be putting out there.”  However, after a few cups of morning java, […]