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Love Unconditionally | Live In Dog Years™

Love Unconditionally

Bogey & Sadie shared with us this sweet moment from a recent trip home from Friday night date night. We were touched by how they seem comforted by the soft touch of each other as the car moved them through each bend in the road. They exemplify the idea of Love Unconditionally within our LIDY […]

Live In Dog Years: Reach for the Stars

Meet Pixie- the Great Dane Puppy | Live In Dog Years™

Our first glance at this pic of “Pixie” left us stunned – how can this creature be so beautiful? And those legs!  As a 13-week old pup, this gray-blue Great Dane lazily stretches those long, long legs like they are nothing, like they are not what will propel her forward into the world. For now […]

PoochieBells, Effective Communication With Your Dog

Dog house training, with PoochieBells® dog doorbell

We believe communication is the key to relationships, that is for most mammals.  Hence the fundamental idea behind our dog housetraining tool, PoochieBells, is not potty training, but rather communication. Our team is asked constantly, “Does This Really Work?”.  Well, YES. The unique element to PoochieBells® and bell training in general is that it is a […]

Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Bamboo PoochieBells®

Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Bamboo PoochieBells® Line Sturdy and stylish housetraining dog doorbells solve potty problems  February 26, 2014 – Simsbury, CT. Introduced as an alternative to the original grosgrain fabric, Poochie-Pets announced today that they have expanded and updated their line of earth-tone bamboo PoochieBells® dog doorbells. Made at their Simsbury factory with custom, USA-made, […]