It Takes a Team to Make Our PoochieBells Ring

An inside peek at our awesome team!

While wrapping up one of our daily wholesale shipments last week, I became even more aware of the number of hands it takes to get our products out the door and to our family of retailers. Our favorite UPS guy Brian (pictured above) greeting Gibby twice daily is only one step in the process. Here is a glimpse of the process we go through to get PoochieBells® into your hands, evaluated by the number of PBells Team hands we need:

  1. First the ribbon is pulled from our stock, cut to size and hole punched where our rivets & snaps will be later placed. – One set of hands.
  2. It then moves to our hand press area where the PBells top snap is hand-punched to create the hang loop. The logo tag is added too. Second set of hands.
  3. From there, it goes over to our rivet station where the second two folds are created, and the bells are attached and riveted into place. The Pbells are then stored hanging up until needed. Third set of hands.
  4. Next, we fulfill the order, which begins with gathering the PoochieBells by color and attaching a training hang tag to each.  They are then rolled up and place into their baggie for easy shipping. Fourth set of hands.
  5. The full order, along with some extra goodies, is then placed it in a shipping box and passed along to our shipping department. They create an address label, process payment and seal up the box. This part tends to take two people, so Fifth & Sixth sets of hands.
  6. Finally Brian picks them up and off they go. Seventh set of hands.

Phew! This list is long and it didn’t even include purchasing the product components or taking, selling and processing the order. Not to mention managing the day-to-day office and walking the dogs!

Among our team and partners, there is a lot of care and attention to detail behind each set of hands creating PoochieBells. Thank you for trusting our product in your home and with your family & pets.

Poochie-Pets' expo wall of PoochieBells® dog doorbells

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