The Benefits of a Dog-Rich Life

Benefits of a Dog-Rich Life | PoochieLife

It is often clear to families who have dogs that their pooches bring them closer together. Dogs seem to have this special ability to attract people’s attention and interest. Even strangers more readily chat with someone who is out walking their pooch. There is just something so inviting about a dog’s free spirit that can be easy to connect with. Our pooches can enhance our family’s life in many ways beyond providing common ground; dogs can improve our overall health and well-being:

  1. Dogs can be a positive influence in your home atmosphere

The inexhaustible joy of a dog can be a real blessing in any household. Their happy demeanors tend to spread around, and when the bad days come to any member of your family, your pooch can be a source of comfort and unconditional love.

  1. Dogs can make family time more active

Dogs like to get us moving; they need exercise several times a day, and getting them to expend their energy often takes our energy too! Beyond daily walks, dogs’ infectious vigor can motivate us to chose activities that will involve the whole family in getting some exercise, from hiking to getting out in the back yard for a game of fetch.

  1. Dogs can grow your character

Caring for a dog teaches us a lot of valuable habits, like patience, selflessness, and especially for kids, responsibility. Sharing this important task among your family also helps you learn to work as a team. Together you share the experience of bringing up your dog, and all the funny stories and happy memories that come with it.

What does family bonding time with your dog look like?

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