Our Story

The One & Only, Oscar.

When Oscar first rang his PoochieBells for the very first time, the moment will forever be frozen in time, in my mind. A connection without words, Oscar could clearly tell our family when he wanted something specific with the nudge of his nose…he was the world’s smartest dog!

Better yet, we clearly communicated as this was a specific signal for his need of going outdoors to potty and my entire family could clearly understand this simple language. No more waiting for by the door, no more barking or a specific look that easily can be missed…ring, ring, he needed to go out.

My mind raced and I made so many versions with the intent of looking fabulous in my newly renovated home and still being highly functional. Months later the official PoochieBells® design was created, safe, stylish in our home, just the right sound and size… Now, I wanted to help other dog families with my new invention. I consulted with trainers, professionals, veterinarians, pet retailers and anyone that would listen to give me advice and guidance on what to do next.

Our website launched and I eagerly waited for someone to see the value in having a PoochieBells® in their home. Our first website order landed and I quickly got to making their order by hand, drove the post office and mailed it off. The PoochieBells shop slowly took shape in our family’s basement taking over the playroom I had recently setup for my kids… We were all excited to see what would evolve for PoochieBells. Several weeks later, I received my first retail order from a nearby pet store who hesitantly took 6 units on consignment. Then, our big break, HGTV highlighted PoochieBells on one of their web pages. We were off and running!

Poochie-Pets was founded with the value set of using only the highest quality USA sourced components, and a skillfully handmade, safe and effective product which guided my quest to create what would land in other dog loving families everywhere. I surrounded myself with a team that was passionate about our mission. My dream became reality and Poochie-Pets grew quickly. Our team continually heard from dog families, breeders and trainers of how happy they were to have a tool in which they could communicate with their dog and solve the unwanted frustrations of potty time.

Poochie-Pets now offers a full line of dog doorbells, collars, leashes and fun necessities. All with the same quality promise as the very first PoochieBells® out there. We are a small team (one of which is one of the original members from the basement days) of pet loving people that love what we do each day… create amazing handcrafted dog products that make dog families everywhere happy.

We are proud and thankful to be the innovators of PoochieBells® and originators of this category for dog families everywhere. You will find our products at fine pet retailers throughout the US and abroad, each of them valuing the art of creating a product by hand for you.

Thank you for recognizing our company and trusting our brand in your home. We look forward to ringing our bells for years to come and innovating new products along the way.

Cheers to our Dogs!