Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Makes You A Better Person™

The Poochie-Pets recognition that Your dog makes you a better person™ has created many great conversations with our vendors, retailers and consumers alike. We’d like to share with you the top most frequent recognitions that have been brought to our attention.


1 Your dog makes you more Social.
Walks, dog park visits, yappy hour events, all give us a connection and level of comfort to smile and say “hello” when out and about.

2 Your dog makes you Happier.
Who doesn’t feel happier when they are welcomed by your dog waiting for us to return home?

3 Your dog makes you Healthier.
Get that leash out and take your best friend for a walk or jog. Incorporate healthy eating alongside your dog.

4 Your dog makes you try new things. Expand Your World.
Many folks have shared how their dogs have actually awakened them to new interests: adoption & foster groups, agility and competition, fairs and events.

5 Your dog makes you more Loving.
Who doesn’t love cuddle time

6 Your dog reduces your Stress level.
Our dogs are funny beings. The social world is full of dog families showing their dog’s funny antics and personalities. Enjoy and chuckle; laughter is the best medicine.

7Your dog makes you feel Secure.
Your dog is never going to divorce you, cheat on you or talk behind your back; pure unconditional devotion and loyalty.

8 Your dog makes you live LONGER – Yes! it’s true
According to studies such as the one published by Harvard Medical School in 2013, owning a dog contributes to a healthier lifestyle: primarily lowers stress and promotes better, healthier habits inclusive of their dogs.

9 For those who have dogs and a family, your dog creates increased Family time.
More time playing and caring for the dog creates additional common activities shared with the family.

10 Your dog shows you how to not Judge others.
Ever see one dog judge another? Doesn’t happen! Take that to heart and see how it betters your world. Keep an open mind and approach to people and situations without judgment.

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