Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training | Poochie-Pets

As with all new lessons, there may be some hiccups along the way in PoochieBells training. Here is some advice on how to handle first-timer stumbling blocks:

1) My dog is afraid/hesitant to ring PoochieBells

Though we intended our original classic PoochieBells to be just the right size for any four-legged friend to use, and loud enough to be heard throughout the average home, there are some dogs that can be hesitant to approach PoochieBells. Many of our customers have noticed their tiny dog breeds or adopted rescue dogs acting scared of the bells’ sound. We have addressed this problem with a different type of PoochieBells, the Extra Long set that are 2″ longer and hang just one set of slightly smaller bells instead of the typical two. The smaller bells have a quieter sound, and the longer size makes it easy for tiny dog breeds to reach the bells in order to ring them.

2) My dog loves PoochieBells and rings it all the time—help!

First, congratulations on conditioning your pooch to understand PoochieBells! Now it’s time to reinforce what are appropriate bell-ringing occasions. Here are our two steps to success: 1) Make sure you are just expressing joy and giving no treats when your pooch rings—otherwise who wouldn’t ring for treats! When your dog rings, keep it casual with a “good dog!” and simply let him or her out the door. 2) When your dog rings again within an unreasonable time frame (meaning there is no way s/he needs to potty again), ignore it. Only acknowledge the bells when you are fairly sure he or she is asking to be let out. Eventually the excitement of this new communication channel will settle down once it becomes routine. In a nutshell, respond when appropriate.

3) My dog rings PoochieBells with his paws and now my door is scratched

We made a solution for this ourselves. Check out our PoochieGuard product—a clear adhesive film that goes right on the door (not wallpaper though!) and provides a lightweight protective film for claws. Also you may want to try hanging your PoochieBells next to the door on a small hook. It’s much easier to touch up a wall periodically.

Do you have any tips for training with PoochieBells to share? Leave a comment!

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