Why are PoochieBells in a Vacuum Store?

PoochieBells in Evan's Vacuum Store | Poochie-Pets

PoochieBells in Evan's Vacuum Store | Poochie-PetsPoochieBells® hang on the front door in a vacuum shop in Arlington, TX, jingling as customers walk in. Standing right next to vacuums and cleaning supplies, “The Pet Center” offers a little collection of PoochieBells® and other pet products. But, how did PoochieBells® find their way there?

“I sell quite a few of ‘em, probably a couple a week,” says Mike Obanion. He runs this Evan’s Vacuum location, selling and repairing American-made vacuums. “PoochieBells® are the centerpiece of our pet section, which I put in to get people to slow down at my store. Then, I have time to show them what a real vacuum can do. People with pets are always looking for a better vacuum, and having the Pet Center in the store is really meaningful to pet parents.”

Mike swears by PoochieBells® as much as his vacuums.

He and his wife were having problems house-training their Lab. His wife happened by a PoochieBells® advertisement and bought one. Mike was able to train their pooch in one afternoon. “We adopted a Jack Russell wiener dog later, and we never once showed him the bells; the Lab taught him how to use them.”

PoochieBells in Evan's Vacuum Store | Poochie-PetsMike is a true pet lover, parent to 17 cats and 3 dogs. Every year on Memorial Day he hosts a pet adoption and raffles off a quality vacuum donated by Evan’s. The proceeds go to rescue groups he knows in the area. “We’ll have 75-80 dogs and 30 cats at the event. This year 30 animals were adopted, and over the past four years we’ve raised over 15 thousand dollars. I always give the raffle winner a goodie bag with PoochieBells® in them.”

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